* Began racing at Victoria's Western Speedway in 1954. He drove his 1934 Ford
Stock Car to 10th place in the final point standings. He also won his first
Main Event on July 24th.

* Started driving for Jim Haslam in 1960 and ended the year in 5th position.

* Billy was voted Most Popular Driver, won the July Cup, won the Roy White
Memorial Trophy, won the Championship Race, was awarded the Best Appearing
Crew award and ended the year sitting 3rd in championship points.

* In 1962, he switched to driving the more power Super Modified race cars and
won the Gold Cup, the Daffodil Cup and was 1st in the season points tally.

* Billy turned his attentions to driving in the newly-formed Canadian American
Modified Racing Association (C.A.M.R.A.) and competed throughout the Pacific
Northwest in 1963. He won the Daffodil Cup race in Victoria and was crowned the C.A.M.R.A. champion at the end of the year.

* In 1964, he won the Strawberry Cup race and finished 2nd in C.A.M.R.A. points.
He was given the honour of a Life Membership in the Vancouver Island Track Racing
Association (V.I.T.R.A.). Also this year, he qualified for his first United
States Auto Club (U.S.A.C.) event at the Milwaukee 200 on August 19th.

* Billy became the first Canadian to qualify for the Indianapolis 500 in 1965.
He was sixth fastest qualifier for the race. He received the Citizen of the
Month Award from the Victoria Chamber of Commerce on May 18th. In the U.S.A.C.
Stock Car Division, Billy was named the Rookie of the Year.

* Billy continued to make a name for himself in U.S.A.C. in 1966. He qualified
again for the Indianapolis 500 race in 12th place.

* Billy lost his life in a Stock Car qualifying run at Riverside, California on
January 20, 1967.


1961 Photo

1962 Haslam Modified ride

1963 Main Event win

1963 Supermodified with Jerry Malloy (r)

Working on car at Portland in 1963

1963 Daffodil Cup win with Sharon Vantreight

1964 Trophy Win with Vicky Rigby

(l-r) Art Pollard, Bill Crow and Billy Foster

Billy's first Indy Car ride in 1965

Billy with first Indy Car in 1965

Billy's 1966 Indy Car

Indianapolis Publicity Photo in 1965