Display Cars

#7 Sprinter--originally owned by Al Coutts. Currently campaigned with the Golden Wheels Fraternity

#64 Sprinter -- Meticulously restored and run in Golden Wheels events by Seattle's Bud Green

#1 Sprinter -- owned and restored by Victoria's Ron Douglas. This 302 GMC car runs with the Golden Wheels

Another Ron Douglas restored car--originally built by Grant King in 1957

#4 1934 Ford Stock Car owned by Victoria's Basil Wells (original Ray Pottinger car 1955 to 1958)

#1 1932 Chev Stock Car owned by Nanaimo's Fraser Carmichael (original Bill Halliday car in 1961)

#98 Modified--1961 Billy Foster car, owned by Jim Haslam. Billy's 1st open wheel car after years in stockers

#6 B-Modified--raced in the Williams Lake area by Tony Welder. Car willed to the HOF after Tony's passing

#36 Carl Irish 1962 Modified Roadster driven by Bob Gregg, Vancouver, Wa, Originally restored by Al Wade

#7 Super Modified successfully campaigned to many wins and championships by Victoria's Roy Smith

#39 Tom Sneva's 1973 Indy Car, built by Jim Tipke of Spokane, Wa. (Tom passed his Indy Rookie test)

#7 Roy Smith's Modified and #39 Tom Sneva's Indy car at 1992 HOF function (displayed on tile floor)

#58 1968 Ford Torino SuperStock owned and driven by Ross Surgenor to many Northwest victories

#43 1957 Chev Stock Car driven by Art Reedy. Restored & donated to the Hall of Fame by Gary Madden

#2 1929 DeSoto Coupe owned by Ross Rockett and raced in OTRA events throughout the Northwest