* He gained experience as one of the top race drivers on the Oyster River Raceway located just north of Courtenay, B. C.

* His real prominence in racing began in 1973 when he made his NASCAR debut at the age of 32. They purchased the Gary Kershaw car and ran throughout the Northwest.
In his first race at Monroe, Wa., he qualified 5th fast on the big 5/8th mile oval and finished 10th. He also attended races in Yakima, Portland, Seattle, Victoria and Langley.

* He was 2nd at the Carling Challenge race June 17th at Langley followed by a 7th place finish in Victoria the following week. He was 2nd fast and was 4th in the
Canada 200. He ended the year 4th overall in Super Stock championship points.

* 1974 saw him compete in the NASCAR Western Grand National Victoria 150 race where he qualified in 4th position in a stellar field of international stars.

* A summary of the 1975 season saw him get a 3rd place finish in the May 31st Carling Opener in Victoria. The next Carling race in Victoria saw him finish 4th. He then
ran the International Drivers Challenge Race and qualified 2nd quick. He earned two other 4th place finishes in Carling races on Aug. 23rd and Sept. 6th. He was fourth overall in the final points tally for the season.

* 1977 was his greatest season. He drove the Island Racemasters '74 Nova. The car was owned by John Edgett, Phil Bickle and George. Harvey Chipper was the team manager with Dave Smith and Jim Tweedhope the builders, mechanics and crew. The Carling Opener saw a 10th place finish after running 2nd and getting spun out.
The following day in Langley, he set a new track record and won the Main Event. On June 29th, he ran the NASCAR Winston Victoria 100 race. He was 4th fast, won the dash and won the Main. He was the first Canadian to win in the 23 year history of Winston West NASCAR. The two July IDC races saw a 2nd and 10th place finish in the
38 car field. He won the Main in both Carling races in July at Western and at Langley. His crew also won the pit stop competition. Set track record and was 2nd overall in S.S. points. Qualified 2nd for Canada 200 and won the race. Also was 2nd in the Langley race the following day (Sept. 11).

* 1978 saw him travel to Yakima and finish 8th in the WGN NASCAR race. He ran that series in Victoria on June 28th and was 4th. The two IDC races saw a 2nd
and an 8th place finish in the Main Events. He competed in the Gold Cup Trail Series on Aug. 12th and set fast time and came 2nd in the Main Event.

* George gained prominence throughout the Pacific Northwest as he competed at the various tracks and was always a top contender wherever he appeared.


Publicity photo

Racing his 1972 Chevelle at Western Speedway

A Late Model Main Event win at Western

Ready for a trophy dash in his #15

Running through turn 2 at Western Speedway

Hot lapping his Super Stock in Victoria

Racing with Larry Pollard #98 and Gary Kershaw #21 in 1975

George Stuart’s 1975 Super Stock race car

A 1975 Trophy Dash win at Victoria’s Western Speedway

Followed by a Main Event victory at Western in 1975

Racing with Reg Kennedy #4 in 1978 in Victoria

2002 HOF Induction--Bill Smith (L) & Ross Rockett