Pioneer Awards

Pioneer awards are presented to individuals who have made outstanding contributions, have provided services or have shown exceptional dedication to the sport of Auto Racing. The presentation of these awards was begun in 1993..



Brown's Florists
Page the Cleaner
Rose's Jewellers
Speedway Motors


Hugh Burkmar
Dick Zeinstra

1994 Langford Fire Department
Mac's Coffee Shop
Six Mile Pub

Columbia Ready-Mix Ltd.
Ken Holding
Laura Pollard
Poul Thommsen

1995 Ernie Fedoruk (Victoria Press)
Glenn Searle (Brite Spot)
Ingraham Hotel
2005 Lynne Burrows
Eileen Carlson
Russ Hancock
Ron and Sandy Suckling
Ernie West
Norm Wilcox
1996 Dave Tubman (Pacific Blue Star Ambulance)
Lorraine Haslam
2006 Bob Low
E Nixon Trucking Ltd.
Stu Taylor
1997 Barrie Goodwin
Les and Ruby Wade
2007 Dave Bell
Ocean Concrete Ltd.
Dave Quaife
1998 Ron Douglas
Robbie Dunn
Ross Rockett
Milt Schop
2008 John Bokma
Fred and Pat Ford
Chuck Horne
Albert Smith
1999 Phil Goldie
Dave Horner
Ian Tetlock
2009 John Biggs
Ray Birtwistle
Bob Bissenden
Lawrence Fox
Fred Stevens
2000 Bob Beadnell
Don Croft
Angie Haslam
Howie Hilton
2001 Fred Frudd
Frannie Morse
Les Warr
2010 Butch Behn
Grace Cottyn
Gil Hauge
2002 Tony Burrows
Frankie Dyer
Quarter Milers Car Club
  2011 Debbie Cooper *
Skip Crawford
Gus Stanfield
    2012 Harold Corbett
Mark Meeres
Barb Prettie