His first association with the sport of Auto Racing began in 1984 at Western Speedway as he crewed on a demo car.  Little did he know at that time that his sharp, quick witted demure would, in the near future, escalate him to a much higher level.  With a little coaxing, 1985 saw him doing interviews of drivers, crews and fans at the speedway.  In 1986, he became the full time track announcer for promoter Butch Behn, kicking off an impressive 23 ½ year announcing career for all the later Western Speedway promoters.

   He has worked both sides of the counter as a parts provider to the racers at Mid-Island Engines and more recently at Lejeune Engineering.  Also when he was announcing at the racetrack, the fans would go away knowing a little bit more of the inner workings of a racing motor and suspensions as he shared his good knowledge with them and provided very good information of the racing programmes.

   In 1995 he built a Monte Carlo Thunder Car, drove it himself for a few races then handed the wheel to Randy Price to finish the season.  1996 saw him working on an IMCA Modified with Rob Scott.  He owned and built a Stock Car in the 1997-1998 seasons with Robbie Haslam driving.  He purchased a Sportsman car and had Jeff Montgomery drive it throughout the 1999-2000 seasons before moving Jeff into a Sprint Car for the 2000-2002 seasons. 

   From a very young age, he always had his fingers in something mechanical, including a Kelly Road Texaco air compressor, which accounts for his missing digit!

Despite this shortcoming, his passion for the sport and ability to connect the fans with the racers and vice versa puts him in a very select group.  He has an uncanny knack of assigning nicknames to the racers and promoters alike! 

   Anyone involved in motorsports in Victoria knows his commitment doesn’t end at the Speedway.  He has acted as Master of Ceremonies at countless racing functions and banquets throughout the course of his career.  The years of service he has provided to the racing fraternity can be coined nothing short of immeasurable.

   It is with great pleasure that we honour Rocky Horne’s induction into the Victoria Auto Racing Hall of Fame. 





Rocky Horne
First Time Out

Rocky Horne

Rocky Horne

1995-Rocky Horne &
5yr old Son Kyle

1996- Larry Pollard
Guest Driver
100 Laps
3rd Place

1996- Thunder Car
Track Record 18.90
Driver-Rocky Horne

Randy Price
Thunder Car

Rob Haslam
Thunder Car

Jeff Montgomery
Thunder Car

1998-Penzoil 100
Feature Winner
Jeff Montgomery

2002 Wilroc
9 Main Event Wins
4 Track Records
Jeff Montgomery

2009-Guest Announcer
at John Bokma Memorial race at
Saratoga Speedway