* 1961 - Worked as crew member on his father Jim's modified which was driven by Billy Foster.

* Roy began driving Jalopy Class race cars partway through the 1965 season.

* Racing in Nanaimo in 1966, Roy was named VITRA Driver of the Year and finished the season in 7th spot in points.

* 1967 - Roy was Stock Car points champion. He won the Roy White Memorial, the Billy Foster 100 and the Corby Cup (most Main Events - 5).

* In 1968, Roy moved up to the Super Stock class, won the July Cup and was 3rd in the season point championships. He was 5th in points in 1969 and also ran in the U. S.

* 1970 saw him finish 6th in Late Model point. He also won the Canadian 100 Go-Kart race at Westwood.

* Following 1971 where he finished 3rd in Superstock points, Roy dropped to 11th the next year, although they won the best appearing crew award for all classes.

* 1973 saw Roy come 2nd in Super Stock points and was 3rd on the Popular Driver vote.

* 1974 - Roy was 6th in points and won the Carling Challenge Race for Super Stocks.

* In 1975, Roy won the Carling Opener (Open S.S. class), won the Canada 200 and was the Carling Open Series Champion. He also won the Carling Open Race in 1976.

* Roy won the I.D.C. Championship (Open SS) in 1978, along with winning driver of the year in I.D.C. (he won 3 races in the series, one in Victoria).

* 1979 - Limited Open SS Track Record Holder. 1980 - Speedweeks N.W. Champion (OpenSS). 1981 - Pepsi Challenge Champion and Canada 200 winner. 1983 - Canada 200 winner. 1985 - Won July Cup and Canada 200, was SS Points Champion, MISS Points Champion and held track records in both open and local SS classes. 1986 - Local SS Popints Champion, won Corby Cup and season Championship Race. 1987 - Pro Stock Champion and voted Member of the Year. 1988, 89, & 90 - Pro Stock Champion. 1993 - Winner of most Can/Am Main Events (3). - 1994 - Can/Am Late Model Champion, most Main Event wins (3) and most OTRA Main Event wins (2). 1995 - Island Super Stock Series Champion. 1996 - Late Model Super Stock Championship Race.


V.I.T.R.A. Publicity Photograph

Crossing the finish line in first place in 1967

Major 1967 Trophy win presented by Davina Cooper

Another trophy dash victory at Western

Roy leads the pack with his '57 Chev Super Stock

Roy racing his AMC Marlin Super Stock

Another Victoria Main Event win

A Main Event win in his 1969 Chevelle

Racing his Super Stock at Western Speedway

Hot lapping his Late Model Camaro

A Main Event triumph with his LMS Camaro

'99 HOF Induction--Matt Sahlstrom (L) & Rocky Horne (R)